Apartment F

The starting point was a dignified Parisian duplex of 40 m2 that we transformed into a warm and welcoming “pied a terre” for a couple. Timeless and high-quality materials were used to bring this vision to life and create a very natural and soft atmosphere. One of the main challenges was to optimize space and storage and to use the natural light given by the apartment’s layout. The floors were covered with natural oak parquet and hexagonal terracotta tiles to highlight the naturality of the place and to build different areas with contrasting flooring. A Japanese staircase was installed, and due to the lack of space the steps were used to hide storage and closet space underneath – mirrored doors were used to hide the staircases base elegantly. The central kitchen block with burnt wood, natural oak fronts and a white lava top became the soul of the apartment providing various storage solutions while considering all technical constraints of the apartment’s floor plan. Existing wooden beams were restored to highlight the historic features of the duplex and to create a space full of unique aesthetics.